Our Story: From Hardship to Hope

It’s fitting that Revhab earned its reputation as a therapeutic rehabilitation center that treats its patients with a personal touch – just like family. Why? A personal family hardship motivated its establishment. Although she initially planned to pursue a career in pediatric therapy, occupational therapist Rachel Werner shifted gears shortly after graduating when her own brother suffered a devastating stroke.

Playing a hands-on role in his rehabilitation and transformational recovery, Rachel discovered a passion for helping individuals regain their strength and independence, restore their dignity, and enjoy the best possible quality of life. In 2013, she joined forces with her husband Sheldon Katz and launched Revhab, a patient-focused therapeutic rehabilitation practice.

Revhab Today: Unparalleled Care with a Personal Touch

Partnering with assisted living facilities across the East Coast, Revhab offers individualized therapeutic rehabilitation services to its residents to reverse decline and empower greater independence. Revhab has expanded its services to include personal home visits, sending experienced clinicians to provide rehabilitative therapies in the comfort and convenience of clients’ home environment.

Committed to offering exceptional rehabilitative care, Revhab has built a team of clinicians – physical, occupational and speech therapists – whose skill, dedication and genuine care are second to none. Our clinicians use state of the art, evidence-based interventions and innovative therapies to provide care that generates the best possible patient outcomes. We also build authentic relationships with our clients, learning their unique personalities, interests and family dynamics to ensure every client feels cared for and supported for success.

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To reverse decline and restore independence for individuals challenged physically or cognitively by illness, injury or the effects of old age through patient-centered therapeutic rehabilitation.

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