Are you a clinician searching for a rewarding job in therapeutic rehabilitation? At Revhab, occupational, physical and speech therapists share a commitment to our individualized approach to patient care.

Our clinicians appreciate the freedom and autonomy they have to work in their own style and apply creative, out-of-the-box thinking to the evidence-based therapies they practice. They believe in taking a proactive approach in patient care to help their clients avoid injuries and setbacks that result in a decline of health, ability and quality of life.

Our clinicians work hard, value their freedom and flexibility, and are driven to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients. Most of all, they’re “people-people”. Working with clients isn’t just their day job; it’s their passion. Their career is driven by a genuine desire to change people’s lives by restoring their hope, independence and dignity. Our therapists enjoy building relationships with clients and go the extra mile to demonstrate that they care.

Hear From Our Team

"Not only do we help our patients gain physical strength, but also emotional wellbeing. We cater to our patients needs by playing various music, TV shows, and providing activities that they enjoy to help them stay motivated during therapy. We treat our patients like family and make sure they feel welcome and 100% satisfied."

Alina Y., Occupational Therapist, Castle Senior Living

"My job offers me flexibility, and I enjoy my role and responsibilities at Revhab. I love having opportunities for training in technical and personal development areas"


“It’s a breath of fresh air to work for a small company that is a giant in its ethics. Revhab truly cares about its patients and wants what’s best for them. It also appreciates its therapists, encouraging creativity and providing any resources or equipment you need for your patients immediately. I wish I found this company sooner!”


"We all work as a team at Revhab and do our best to meet every client’s individual needs. I take a client centered approach to therapy. I work on what the client enjoys the most and incorporate my goals into that task. I find that’s the best way to achieve goals."


"At Revhab, we focus on each individual person, rather than their disability or disease, then collaborate with them to create a plan of care based on their realistic goals for recovery.

I find my job extremely rewarding, it's my way of paying back to society for all I have been blessed with. In my 40 years I have been able to work with all ages, disabilities, and cultures which provides me with a wonderful learning experience."

J.A., Occupational Therapist

"This company provides a win-win situation where minutes and units are not the focus, but true patient's needs are a priority. It is a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to work for a small company but a giant in its ethics, and that truly cares about the patients, and wants what is best for them.

Revhab is a real hands-on company. The members of Revhab appreciate the work you do as a therapist. Any supplies or equipment that you need for your patients are provided immediately, encouraging creativity and the latest media available.

My wish is that I would have found this company sooner!"

Cathy Layden-Nichol, Occupational Therapist

"My mission is to make each patient feel that they are getting the best and most client-centered care they can. I want each and every person to feel that they are safe and as independent as they can be.

I chose to be an Occupational Therapist because spending your time helping others is one of the most rewarding jobs available. Hearing that I have made a difference or that my patients appreciate getting therapy is one of the best feelings."

Andie A., Occupational Therapist, Allegria at Ocean Grove

"Sam Weisz, the executive director goes way beyond his job to help people like me settle in and be successful. He made sure I was on top of things through gentle reminders and constant encouragement. I was able to call several people on the staff to help me with EMR and other questions I had. I believe anyone who works for Revhab would easily vouch for the comments I made. The staff make sure that all the therapists as well as patients are being treated with respect, honesty and empathy. I strongly recommend Revhab for PT’s and OT’s."

Gurpreet Singh, Physical Therapist


At Revhab, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. We strive to
provide a respectful, supportive environment that empowers our therapists to provide
the best clinical experience possible.

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