Revhab’s success is rooted in our ability to partner with assisted living facilities to achieve optimal client outcomes.

The Revhab management team works closely with our skilled clinicians to ensure that each client receives customized, proactive therapeutic rehabilitation designed to prevent the frailty and falls associated with decline.

The result is two-fold: superior client satisfaction and increased length of stays.


Available 24/6 to discuss all aspects of patient care

Weekly reports to update facility teams

Track record of significantly reducing rate of falls

Revhab rooms fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment

Initimate understanding of both your and your patient's needs

Reverse decline and empower clients to regain their independence

Close tracking of client progress with facility staff

Individualized and customized rehabilitative care for every client

Focus on fall and injury prevention, before anything happens


The patient and compassionate clinicians have been building trust and establishing
relationships with both residents and staff. They are always willing to go the extra
mile and provide the individualized attention and encouragement to empower our
residents to maximize their independence. We have noticed that many residents have
increased muscle strength, have better coordination and have better safety awareness
as a direct result from the education that Revhab’s staff provides. Overall, our
residents have had a decrease in falls, increase in their self-esteem with enhanced
socialization which has greatly impacted their independence and quality of life.


-Kathleen K. Malaver, Executive Director, Allegria at Ocean Grove

Revhab is a company that I wish I would’ve discovered sooner. The service that Revhab provides is something extraordinary, nothing is too big of a deal and everything is handled quickly and professionally. The therapists which Revhab placed in our facility are a perfect fit. They are real team-players who are extremely focused and treat everyone with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

I have seen with my own eyes the impact of the great work that Revhab does: less falls and less hospitalizations.


Revhab has dramatically improved our residents care, they helped us reduce our resident falls and enhanced all aspects of our resident’s quality of life.

To be honest, when bringing in Revhab we were a little wary based on our past experiences with therapy companies. However, Revhab has been unbelievable from the very beginning and they continue to provide exceptional therapy and are really improving our residents quality of life. They go the extra mile for each and every resident. It’s a real pleasure to work with Revhab and we hope to continue working with them in future endeavors.

-Abba S., Owner, LionStone Care

We have been using Revhab for a couple of years now and have never been happier. The Revhab therapists are very professional and easy to deal with. They understand the needs of each patient and provide exceptional care, all based around the specific patients needs, interests and likings.

The Revhab team is always available for us, at anytime given time, even after hours, should we have any questions or concerns. The service, care, and attention that we receive with Revhab is something we haven’t received with any other company in the past.

I honestly can’t recall receiving any negative feedback or complaints about Revhab. All the residents, and family members alike are extremely pleased and happy with the Revhab therapists as individuals, and the Revhab team as a whole. I am truly grateful to have Revhab as our rehab providers!

-Abraham S., Director, Long Beach Assisted Living

Revhab has management that has great communication skills. They hand pick their therapists and put their heart and soul into the services they provide

I highly recommend this company.

- Avi H., Administrator, Long Beach Assisted Living

Having Revhab evaluate and treat within the first days of arrival to our community is a most important component in our residents stay. Revhab’s expert therapists work with each individual in a respectful and professional manner.

Over the past few years I have witnessed first hand the incredible results our residents have had from being treated by Revhab. From regaining their mobility to becoming reacquainted with activities of daily living, Revhab ensures they maximize their potential.

Families as well have personally told me it was an overall pleasant and informative experience having their loved ones in the hands of Revhab.

- Dassy Schechter, Director of Marketing, Allegria at Ocean Grove


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