What We Do

With the shared mission of reversing decline and restoring independence, we provide clients in assisted living facilities and at home with targeted therapeutic rehabilitative services.

Personalizing Care for Best Results

We believe that rehabilitation generates the best outcomes when clients enjoy the process. To increase engagement, our clinicians build personal relationships with each client, learning their personalities and personal interests. Whenever possible, our physical, occupational and speech therapists craft strength and skill building exercises around a client’s unique interests and hobbies, from golf to dance, art to sewing.

It’s simple: the more clients enjoy rehab, the more motivated they are and the greater the therapeutic benefits. From the initial thorough evaluation and assessment through the duration of a client’s treatment, Revhab clinicians are driven by a mission to reverse decline so patients can more confidently and comfortably navigate their day-to-day life.



Our seasoned physical therapists share a goal: to restore functional independence and allow clients to enjoy the best possible quality of life. Addressing challenges in a client’s daily routine and environment, targeted exercises are customized to improve mobility, endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance. Physical therapy addresses such issues as difficulty walking; fall risk; balance issues; muscle weakness; pain; and diminished endurance, flexibility and functionality.


Occupational Therapy

Revhab’s team of skilled occupational therapists focus on empowering clients to increase social participation; maximize functional independence; and navigate daily tasks and routines with greater ease. Following an in-depth assessment, a rehabilitation plan is individualized based on clients’ unique needs. Skills clients practice in treatment include hand function; effective use of assistive devices; as well as daily tasks like dressing, bathing, household upkeep, and meal preparation.


Speech Therapy

Clients at Revhab work with experienced speech-language pathologists on issues related to social communication, chewing and swallowing, speech, language and cognition caused by a variety of injuries, diseases and disorders. Using evidence-based treatment strategies customized to the client’s individual needs, our clinicians are driven by the goal of improving clients’ ability to function and communicate as optimally and independently as possible.

What’s the Revhab Difference?

We don’t just provide therapeutic services – we build relationships. At Revhab, we customize our therapeutic approach to each of our client’s individual needs, interests and preferences for optimal outcomes. Our clients are treated with the same care we would show members of our own family – and that personal touch makes a world of difference.


Patient Centric Approach

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy provided by first-class clinicians.
  • Compassionate care for clients with physical and cognitive impairments
  • Track record of reversing decline and empowering clients to regain or maintain their independence
  • Focus on fall and injury prevention, circumventing issues before they arise
  • Dedicated team of staff and clinicians share the mission of reversing decline
  • Engage clients in their rehabilitation process by crafting out-of-the-box strength and skill-building exercises that integrate their personal hobbies and interests
  • Rehab rooms are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Closely and consistently track client progress and communicate with facility staff and clinicians to ensure positive outcomes
  • Individualized care provided to every client by executing thorough assessments and customizing therapeutic rehabilitation to their unique needs

“I experienced pain in my knees, back and arms for a long time. Everything hurt. The PT and OT treatments I’ve received from Revhab have really helped. Both therapists are wonderful. I’m able to walk better, get dressed and put my shoes on, things I struggled to do independently before. My therapists really go above and beyond and I’m extremely grateful.”

-Estelle Diner, Revhab Client, Castle Senior Living